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Genius AI

The World’s First AI Generated Revenue Token.

Genius is a completely decentralized token with incredible utility. Earn daily revenue whether the price of Genius goes up or down. No middleman and the (deep) AI financially incentivizes you for short and long-term gains, and so much more. This is the future of cryptocurrency, now.

Genius was built to give humanity exactly what they wanted: A Decentralized Wealth Preservation Solution

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Imagine a token that uses artificial intelligence to reward holders and algorithmically incentivizes traders to build its market value. That's Genius...literally!

Crypto/Blockchain Savings

Through its smart contract, Genius provides a brillantly designed store of value. We believe Genius is the best crypto/blockchain savings tool available.

DeFi Liquidity Providers

Are you a liquidity provider? The Genius community has a robust set of tools, resources, and information for liquidity providers. Join us on Discord to learn more.

Crypto Enthusiasts

Many in crypto are in the space, similar to Wallstreet – for speculative reasons. Let us show you why we believe Genius is one of the strongest and most interesting tokens on the market.

crypto new economy

Genius is the NEW Economy

For the new economy of the world to be better, we need to decentralize liquidity and backing, and we need to update the rules of exchange to economically benefit everyone. Genius is the answer. 

The reason cryptocurrencies are unable to sustain their economically record-breaking price increases is that none of the current blockchain solutions address the problem of liquidity that ultimately depends on centralization, centralized value backing, and the faulty rules and regulations of TradFi (the mainstream financial system and the conventional institutions such as retail, investment, and commercial banks, insurance companies, brokerages, and other regulated entities that operate within it).

In layman’s terms, what is the Genius token?

The Genius token is the cryptocurrency of the future, and was developed by the worlds best tokenomics experts. Simply buy and lock Genius through our secure decentralized wallet. Lock it like a CD then let the smart AI passively grow the interest daily. Unlike with fiat, there is no middleman and the AI financially incentivizes you for short and long-term gains. Genius was built to give humanity exactly what they wanted, a decentralized wealth preservations solution.

best crypto tokenGenius as a Programmable Currency with AI: Genius employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) to gain control over its market value. Unlike other currencies, Genius understands its market value and cap, which is determined by user interactions.

best crypto tokenUnique Features: Genius offers continuous income to its users, akin to earning from a successful currency like the early US Dollar, but with modern tech and autonomy. This income can be immediate profits or passive income over time.

best crypto tokenPhases of Influence: The AI behind Genius works in phases to increase the value of GENI by drawing value from external economies into the Genius economy. When fully activated, GENI’s value only rises, making it immune to value drops.

best crypto tokenMarket Strategy: Genius creates its own market value benchmark and continuously raises it. The AI incentivizes market transactions that benefit both the user and the entire Genius economy.

best crypto tokenGenius Tokens and Smart Contracts: The currency unit is “GENI.” The Genius smart contract is the underlying code that operates all its functionalities. The Genius app is the interface for users to interact with their Genius accounts and participate in the economy.

best crypto tokenEconomic Solutions: Genius aims to solve several economic problems like the Prisoner’s Dilemma (self-interest harming the group), the Zero-Sum Game (where gains and losses balance each other), and Sybil Attacks (a threat to network security), all of which are prevalent in traditional and crypto economies.

best crypto tokenInnovative Features: Genius introduces features like Genius Shares (for dividends and mining new currency), Genius Credit (obtained by depositing collateral in the app), and Genius NFTs (for additional app features).

best crypto tokenSustainability and Growth: The design of Genius is focused on sustainable growth and overcoming the limitations of traditional finance and current cryptocurrencies.

Genius is now on the centralized exchange (CEX) Dex-Trade!

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Check out Simply Genius, a video series that explains the tokenomics and features of Genius!

Community Feedback

Some kind words from the amazing community


“Smart…Very Smart”

The economics of this token are mind blowing!!!




I have never seen such a detailed and completely thought-out impressive white-paper. 



“The Experts Have United!”

I can tell we’re at the cusp of something phenomenal, something world-changing. The brightest minds in crypto came together to make this token happen.


Frequently Asked Questions

Genius’ smart contract core rules are immutable, which means the code cannot be changed.

No. Neither Genius developers nor any other entity has admin keys to the contract once it’s deployed on the blockchain. No privileged access exists to affect the core functionality of the contract.

Yes. The Genius contract has been audited by three entities,both in-house during development and as an independent 3rd party audit. The audit consisted of technical implementation aspects as well as a deep dive review of the contract’s tokenomics and math. The CertiK report can be found here

Genius contract is currently live on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and Avalanche, all EVM compatible chains. In the future the Genius financial contract may be deployed to PulseChain.

Developers, founders and early stakeholders have no direct allocation from the pool of circulating supply. All tokens have been bought from the open market, converted from legacy pre-launch tokens or are part of the initial Genius sacrifice. 


There are no “developer coins” and the users cannot be “rug pulled”. These are marketing-specific industry terms that mean value cannot be stolen from end users of the Genius Smart Financial Contract. Genius has No Admin Tokens. There are no hidden supplies of Genius anywhere to be used for any nefarious reasons.


Genius created a pre-launch “Legacy” Genius token the public could participate in to incentivize minting rewards. By purchasing the legacy token participants were getting on the ground floor of Genius launch with a 1000x multiplier. 


Genius is also the most successful sacrifice in decentralized crypto so far – with all participants receiving exact amounts being sent due to a sacrifice audit Genius had done. For more information about one of the most successful sacrifices in DeFi or to find your GENI sacrifice balance, visit the official website.

The team of 12+ developers have spent close to 5 years on design and architecture of Genius’ tokenomics. The idea of a blockchain CD is not new. Genius adds a layer of 32+ intelligent behavioral tokenomic initiatives (driven by in-contract AI implementation). Genius is equipped with an internal stability liquidity pool to support the price and facilitate market arbitrage for token holders as well as incentives for the miners. Genius has many features only available from a collection of external smart contacts to other projects, like the miner auction system, an intelligent use of token pair granting capabilities. Genius financial product incentive system has been designed to have a positive economic direction for over 50 years servicing the store of value market for decentralized finance participants.

Yes. However, unlike in other systems, the OA is not participating in the token appreciation trend. Genius’s compound earnings appreciation is done WITHOUT having an “Origin Address” own half of the supply. The OA does not receive any Genius tokens at launch.

Genius’s “Origin Address” can be changed by an “Origin Grantor”, therefore, Genius has less risk and less damage potential of a wrench attack versus similar protocols. The OA Grantor can also change the account that has the ability to change the OA Grantor or OA Beneficiary address. This functionality also exists in Future-Proof Genius. Note that the OA Grantor DOES NOT have admin keys and its involvement in OA management does not affect the core rules of yield generation and cannot stop or otherwise affect contract participants mining their own rewards.

Genius has one of the most decentralized initial liquidity offerings in all of crypto with over nearly 100 individuals and institutions signed up on DAY 1 to provide liquidity.

Hybrid mining model allows users to protect themselves from losing their principal. Genius has 2 types of non-collateral miners: basic miner and advanced miner. This system allows people to mimic a low-risk, low-reward scenario and a high-risk, high-reward scenario – participant’s choice. 

Genius transparency for “End Stake” fees is unparalleled. The fees can be calculated and are up to 95% lower than other products on the market. The fee optimization in Genius is crowdsourced to the community via a daily yield summarization facility.

Genius has been truly designed for many years incorporating lessons learned from its predecessors. The set of positive tokenomics are matched with intelligent behavioral early end miner protection algorithms. One such application can be found in times of a bull market with strong Genius price appreciation, Genius has a basic Artificial Intelligence that scales “early end” fees to incentivize Genius miners to keep to their original commitments. Alternatively, when a Genius miner needs emergency liquidity, they can always Auction their ownership of the miner to the highest bidder who will then continue carrying out the original miner commitment.

This is done to defend the Genius price from excessive selling pressure and reward all miners who have kept to their original commitments.

One example of AI involvement  is price protection from Whale dumping.

Whales cannot dump new earnings on the market daily. With other protocols, whales can create short-term revolving stakes (lasting <= 30 days) to consistently dump earnings on the market, contributing to constant selling pressure. With Genius, whales can only receive the largest share of rewards with revolving stakes that last at least 3x longer (90 days). cases, must completely abandon their stake!

Genius has implemented an in-contract auction system. The ability to fulfill others’ promises (stakes/mines) and receive a reduced entry point, and higher effective ROI, while also providing liquidity to those that would have to otherwise break their commitment.


Genius miners have a choice to transfer the ownership of a miner to the highest bidder, and each transfer of ownership improves Genius market conditions to encourage price amplification. This is done by simultaneously lowering supply and creating new demand to buy Genius with each transfer of ownership.


Every time a miner’s ownership is transferred, or a miner breaks their promise, MORE rewards are distributed to miners than competitive staking tokens like HEX.

Every time a miner’s ownership is transferred part of the penalty is destroyed as coins are burned: effectively increasing participating miner earnings over time (by percent) and lowering market supply.

The Stability Pool is a useful and innovative  feature of the Genius financial contract. It aims to provide an in-contract liquidity pool of fluctuating Genius to stable coins (USDC) ratios for the purposes of creating an alternative private liquidity market, driving attention, and encouraging the upward momentum of the price over time. Participants will continually be looking at the contract for arbitrage opportunities.


This also stabilized the price of Genius incentivizing the open market of Genius token buys against the collateral ratio. This also means that Genius is backed and supported by stable coins, such as USDC. Other contracts and tokens have fallen prey to external market forces – even ones purporting to be “stability or staking tokens”, you won’t find that with Genius.

Blockchain miners and validators are incentivized to lessen end-user gas fees. They are paid to run performance calculations and intelligently store summary data so that Genius end users pay LESS IN GAS FEES to end their miners and collect dividend payments. These lower gas fees translate to HIGHER EARNINGS.


In short, Genius is offloading the massive fees for storage in favor of less expensive, smart calculations. It’s genius. 

Miners can earn Genius dividends daily by committing for as short as 1 day. And to receive a share of fee revenue AND the higher dividend payment tier, Miners will then commit for a minimum of 90 days.

Genius financial smart contract generates 4.2% inflation which is distributed to miners. “Genius Mining” is similar to Bitcoin Mining, whereby the new Genius tokens are only paid out to those who are mining for (or staking) Genius tokens.

Genius smart contract is designed and modeled to run economically successfully for the next 50 years. However the contract relies on the deployed L1 chain (Ethereum, BSC, etc.). Circumstances on the L1 roadmap are beyond Genius’s immutable contacts’ control. A provision exists to be able to migrate the contract to another chain as needed, while preserving user tokens, liquidity and ownership. This is called “Exodus”.
Additionally, Genius is designed to consume other projects’ liquidity should they choose to switch to earn more and better in Genius Financial smart contract. One such liquidity migration is with HEX. Hexicans can end their unprofitable stakes and the Genus contract will compensate for lost principal by allowing Hexicans to continue minting their rewards on Genius. Thus, “Hexodus” is an instance of the “Exodus” feature.

Why Consider Genius?

Besides being one of the most exciting new ERC20 projects…

Besides being one of the most exciting new projects in the crypto space, Genius is notable for its connections, partnerships and quality. Genius is on 5 blockchains. Our developers have worked on Hex, and our tokenomics lead helped Dash get to #3 on global crypto charts, and we’re one of the most audited projects ever developed.

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