This video series breaks down the functionality and benefits of the Genius Token.

1. Introduction

2. Why Cryptocurrency?

     2.1 Security

     2.2 Coins vs Tokens

     2.3 Smart Contracts

     2.4 Mining and Staking

3. Why Genius was Invented

4. What is the Genius Token

     4.1 Decentralization

     4.2 Staking Genius

     4.3 Mining Genius

     4.4 Basic Mining

     4.5 Advanced Mining

     4.6 Auction

     4.7 Stability Pool

     4.8 Pumpamentals

     4.9 Burnamentals

5.0 Hexodus

6.0 Myths

7.0 How to Use the dAPP

     7.1 How to Stake Genius

     7.2 How to Auction Genius (coming soon)

     7.3 How to use the Stability Pool (coming soon)

     7.4 How to use the Hexodus Feature (coming soon)

     7.5 How to Sell Genius (coming soon)

8.0 Closing

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