CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0x444444444444C1a66F394025Ac839A535246FCc8


Genius products attract Genius investors

Genius Smart Financial Contract introduces investors to the new concept of utilizing A.I. (artificial intelligence) designed to protect the price from extreme volatility while protecting its users from the effects of market manipulation and market conditions.

The mechanics of Genius are designed to generate passive income indefinitely while increasing in price and preserving value over time.

Where does Genius obtain its Value from?

Value has more to do with our time, intentions, and attention that we exchange, rather than a model of fictitious scarcity. The Genius Smart Contract not only monetizes time through incentivizing advanced staking rewards, but also monetizes the attention we have and our ability to keep our focus on our goals and our promises.

There is true value to keeping our promises.

Computing power and access to information was once scarce. Now, information is almost limitless. However, the more information we consume, the quicker we lose interest in it. Our attention and intentions are now the limiting factors inevitably becoming increasingly scarce commodities. These fundamentals are often overlooked. By incentivizing users to pay attention and stick to their promises (binding intentions), Genius is generating intrinsic, real-world value which will only continue to grow over time.

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